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Z+Pack - Detaysoft Zero Based Budgeting Package

Z+ Pack offers turnkey templates to implement the ZBB approach as well as user-friendly interfaces, automated calculations and dashboards on the SAP Analytics Cloud platform. With Z+Pack, we can mitigate risks, and optimize your costs and performance!
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  • In traditional budgeting approach, new budgets are created by calculating the realized spending of the previous periods. But  now there is a trend for the OPEX budgeting approach called “ Zero  Based Budgeting”.
  • The process of zero-based budgeting starts from a "zero base," It enables organizations to identify their major recent costs, and more importantly, determine the resources they need to allocate, align and sustain their strategic priorities.


  • Companies cannot make accurate and consistent budget planning.
  • Current budget planning is done by using excels.
  • Lack of detailed budget planning causes losses on savings.
  • Need of platforms compatible with Zero Based Budget.


  • Identifies who spends how much on what, establishes benchmarks and cost levels.
  • Targets extraction of non-working dollars through demand management, policy, process automation and procurement
  • Embeds accountability of expense with dual-ownership
  • Enables ongoing monitoring, controlling and intervention to sustain the cost base

Value Drivers

  • Analyzing your organization’s spending and budgeting habits.
  • Developing a common language and perspective for expense items.
  • Using the ZBB approach to model budgeting and management templates and move them to SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Designing user-friendly login screens and reporting interfaces,.
  • Defining flexible authorizations


  • Koç Group
  • Eczacıbaşı Group


Regions: North America, Global, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia - Pacific


Financials, Management, CFO / CEO, Controlling

Lines Of Business

Finance, Business Analytics


CROSS/ALL Industries

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