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Royalty Management

Calculate royalty payments & seamlessly include them in payment runs
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  • You are a media group selling licenses to digital media, such as books or music, and need to ensure accurate royalty payments are made to the rights holders
  • You are a life sciences organisation where the patents require consolidated royalty payments being made to all owners based on their percentage ownership of the patents


  • Large patent portfolios and complex agreements between IP rights holders means managing royalty payments can be an administrative nightmare


  • Complex IP rights agreements can be set up in the solution including fixed rate, scaled and cumulative royalty rates against products and services as required
  • Revenue and costs can be apportioned according to the settlement (contract) rules configured at the click of button in real-time
  • Relevant supplier invoices created during clearing runs
  • Support for simulated settlement and clearing runs so you can review the postings before you commit them
  • Full analytical support using the built-in ByDesign reporting and analytics tools

Value Drivers

  • Save time and money by automating licensee and patent cost and revenue processes
  • Increase your capacity without increasing your cost base by easily managing more agreements
  • Accurate and on time payments creates positive business partner relationships


Regions: Asia - Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Africa, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Global, North America



Lines Of Business



Life Sciences, Media

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