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CTI Teams Integration

Designing the communication process efficiently
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  • Suddenly home office: COVID-19 has changed the world of working permanently. Among all the digital solutions that have supported mobile working in the past few months, one has probably stood out in particular: Microsoft Teams. In your company you have got to know and appreciate the collaboration tool over the past few months, and you know that there are already approaches to transfer your CRM to Teams. But you are specifically looking for a CTI that supports your service and communication processes from the Sales & Service Cloud.


  • Lack of interfaces between collaboration tools, CRM negatively impact internal collaboration and thus also on project progress.
  • There is still no API from Microsoft that can offer incoming calls between MS Teams and SAP Sales & Service Cloud.
  • For calls that I start from Teams, I have to open and manage the relevant master data and notes separately in the Sales & Service Cloud.
  • Contacts can also be called from the Sales & Service Cloud via MS Teams for example, but the phone history is not saved.
  • Unnecessary tool changes have a negative impact on concentration and incomplete notes make tracking in your CRM difficult.


  • Start small, think big! Based on our successful CTI for Skype for Business, we now launching the solution for MS Teams integration. Existing information, telephone histories and customer data are displayed directly when you make calls in the SAP Sales & Service Cloud. Even logging content and capturing conversation notes is no longer a challenge!
  • What can you expect from our “start small, think big” approach?
  • Your daily business is running at full speed and focused work, time savings, transparency as well as improved collaboration have a significant impact on your success. So why wait too long for Microsoft® API, because we can already offer you a CTI with a successfully proven call output. Get started with us today! You can look forward to a user-friendly solution with a short implementation phase, a manageable standard runtime of 12 months and attractive releases, such as incoming calls without surcharge and follow-up costs.

Value Drivers

  • Contact data maintenance of your communication partners during the conversation
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into SAP Sales & Service Cloud
  • Outbound call of the CTI function for MS Teams, including history and live activities
  • Click-to-call function


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