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AK B2B Sales Extended

AtlantConsult offers partners and end clients a unified model of cooperation. AtlantConsult can act as a subcontractor to a local partner - the split of services and tasks to be provided is then discussed separately, as are the prices.
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  • Low efficiency of the sales department
  • Lack of a unified sales management system that connects all company departments
  • Lack of transparency in sales processes
  • Lack of systematic work with regular customers
  • Lack of ability of the client to work independently with requests, orders, services
  • Low customer satisfaction: deadlines, errors in pricing and processing of deals, etc.
  • •Lack of growth/decrease of profitability and sales
  • A large number of errors in the calculation of bonuses, expenses from overpayments
  • Lack of transparency of payments for the results of employees
  • Absence of a possibility to see the interim fulfillment of the plan and the relevant size of remuneration in details
  • Limited flexibility in setting up commission plans
  • High administrative expenses for operational support of bonuses calculation


  • Sellers will be able to create more deals and work more efficiently, thereby increasing revenue


  • Unified methodology of the active sales process
  • Obtaining comprehensive sales, service, marketing, financial information in a single system
  • Increase the accuracy of sales forecasts
  • Ensuring the rhythm of customer purchases of the company's services and products
  • Creating automated tasks for different customer scenarios
  • Decrease in cost of processing customer orders
  • Operative receiving of reports and analytics
  • Flexible and transparent mechanism for calculating remuneration
  • Quick introduction of new compensation plans, management multiple plans at once
  • Personal accounts of employees and managers with information on sales and compensation information
  • Full traceability and verifiability of the compensation calculation process
  • Analyzing and modeling “what-if” compensation scenarios
  • Future sales and compensation calculator

Value Drivers

  • Detailed training for the customer's IT team
  • Cloud solution that does not require infrastructure costs
  • Fast system deployment in the SAP cloud
  • Quarterly updates
  • Flexibility and scalability of the solution
  • Technical support 24/7 and incident management system (Included in software subscription price)
  • Transparent and innovative solution development map


  • Alutech (Hörmann Group)
  • Tegeta Motors


Regions: Europe


Sales, Management, IT, Development

Lines Of Business



CROSS/ALL Industries

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