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Price & Promotion Engine

Price & Promotion Engine
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  • The consumer expects a personalized retail experience
  • The consumer expects a consistent experience across all sales channels


  • A Unified Commerce environment and customer expectations require increasing complexity in pricing logic and sales price calculation
  • Increasing number of channels, combined with large amount of data and complex pricing strategies, results in inconsistency among all channels
  • Market circumstances require applying pricing, promotion and loyalty directly and effective immediately
  • Decentralized solutions result in redundancy of data, high costs for data management and consistency monitoring


  • Calculate prices and promotions in real time with the Ctac PPE. The Price & Promotion Engine is an absolute must in any Unified Commerce environment when it comes to offering customers a seamless shopping experience, however they shop.
  • Our powerful Pricing & Promotion Engine quickly calculates the correct item price for each individual customer, taking into account personal promotions, customer segments, loyalty cards, vouchers and many more conditions.
  • Want to be sure the prices and discounts offered in store are the same as those in your app or webshop? Easily integrate all your commerce channels with the Ctac PPE, through our standard API.

Value Drivers

  • Quality: Single version of truth concerning promotion calculation on all sales channels.
  • Performance: High performance & scalable solution (provides the correct prices & discounts in a split second for every touchpoint, taking into account large data volumes).
  • Agility: Quick implementation of new price / promotion strategies on all channels.
  • TCO reduction by simplified system interdependencies and reduced handling effort.


Regions: Europe


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