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Predictive Resource Planning

The app for predictive workload overview
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  • The foresighted planning of capacities, resources and the company's capacity utilization is one of the supreme disciplines of modern business management.


  • Predictive resource planning as a control instrument in today’s dynamic and volatile business environment is therefore needed and should be implemented.


  • Through pre-defined interfaces the data from your Cloud ERP solution will be transferred to the SAP Analytics Cloud, where predefined dashboards can be filled.
  • Opportunity and project data are imported from SAP Business ByDesign via Web service to Microsoft Azure. Here, opportunities and project durations are distributed over the relevant months using normal distribution of remaining working time.
  • The monthly data is then transferred to SAP Analytics Cloud pass where the data is aggregated and with budget and utilization figures can be extended.

Value Drivers

  • Immediate overview of the workload
  • Enables you to work in advance
  • Daily updated data on capacity utilization


Regions: North America, Global, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia - Pacific


Management, Analytics

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Management, Business Analytics


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