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Microsoft Teams Integration

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  • Various collaboration tools and file storage systems are used within the company to handle internal and customer-specific tasks. Because cooperation with each other and the document management differ depending on the group, a fluent internal cooperation is only somewhat guaranteed.
  • As a member of a cross-departmental project team, your concern is to implement customer-specific requirements quickly and successfully. However, a wide variety of data silos and missing interfaces make collaboration difficult.
  • As a sales representative, you often have to make customer and sales-oriented decisions directly on-site at the customer's location. However, unrestricted document access, document maintenance and establishing contact with your team slows down your process.


  • Missing interfaces between collaboration tools, CRM and ERP have a negative impact on internal collaboration and thus also on project progress.
  • Maintaining multiple document silos is time-consuming and thus affects collaboration in project groups. 
  • Lack of user rights to systems results in limited sharing of documents and coherent  documentation of agreements.
  • Unnecessary tool changes have a negative effect on concentration.


  • Our add-ons combine the comprehensive 360° SAP customer view with the popular functionalities of Microsoft Teams and thus ensure more productivity and efficiency in sales and project business! How you get started is up to you. Whether via MS Teams, SharePoint Online, the SAP Sales & Service Cloud or S / 4HANA, the knowledge transfer takes place directly on the business object. Short coordination channels, central file storage, uncomplicated chat & call functions support you optimally in your work environment.

Value Drivers

  • Collaboration and document management directly on the business object.
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into SAP Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and S/4HANA.
  • Direct document access in the collaboration tool, CRM and ERP.
  • Create and manage MS Teams groups and channels directly on the business object.
  • Integrated channel chat function.
  • Integrated private chat and calling function.
  • Outbound call to CTI capability for MS Teams including history and live activities.
  • Sync with SharePoint Online and MS Teams.


Regions: North America, Global, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia - Pacific


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