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Precision Farming

IoT based solution to manage each crop production input variability on a site-specific basis to reduce waste, increase profits, and maintain the quality of the environment. ​ Manage farming by the square foot.​
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  • Farmer’s Goal: increase crop yields and decrease cost​


  • Reduce water consume​
  • Reduce expensive crop production inputs waste: fertilizers, limestone, herbicides, insecticides, seeds, etc.​
  • Minimize environmental impact​
  • Optimize quality ​


  • Sensor data in real time:  Meteorological Data, Soil sampling and moisture, condition of the crop, etc.​
  • Analysis and decision making: Determination of variability and possible causes, how much do soil and crop characteristics vary?, Is it possible to change/mitigate variability?, Will the change increase yield, increase quality, decrease inputs? Is change profitable?​
  • Implementing decisions: Variable speed irrigation, application of variable-dose pesticides ,variable-dose fertilizer application, variable rate seeding/planting ​
  • Solution is developed over SAP’s Cloud Platform by using SAP Leonardo technology, thus ensuring full integration with maintenance, supply chain, etc.​

Value Drivers

  • Maximize Profit​
  • Reduce Labor​
  • Reduce Water ​
  • Reduce Pesticides​
  • Reduce Fertilizer​
  • Government Compliance and Programs​
  • Up to 70% performance improvement​
  • Up to 50% water and input savings​


Regions: Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Africa, North America



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