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SharePoint Integration

Central and structured document management.
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  • Complex file storage systems without a central access point are document silos that require a lot of maintenance and slow down internal processes in your company enormously.
  • As a sales representative, you often have to make revenue and customer-oriented decisions directly on-site at the customer. However, unrestricted document access, document maintenance and establishing contact with your team slows down this process.
  • As a member of a cross-departmental project team, your main concern is to implement customer-specific requirements quickly and successfully. However, various data silos and the lack of interfaces make collaboration difficult.


  • Maintaining multiple document silos is time-consuming and affects collaboration in  project groups.
  • Lack of user rights to systems means that documents are only shared to a limited extent.
  • Missing interfaces between collaboration tools, CRM and ERP have a negative effect on internal processes and project progress.
  • The document search leads to a short intervention in the otherwise focused way of working.


  • Our add-on provides a single point of access to all your documents related to a business object. How you get started is up to you. Use MS Teams, SharePoint Online, the SAP Sales & Service Cloud or S/4HANA to access your documents. In this way, your employees can find documents faster, process them more efficiently and store them more easily. By sharing your documents, you increase your data quality, avoid unnecessary data silos and improve your cross-departmental collaboration.

Value Drivers

  • Central administration of documents directly on the business object.
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into SAP Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and S/4HANA.
  • Direct document access in MS Teams, SharePoint Online, CRM and ERP.
  • Intelligent folder structure directly on the business object.
  • Adding documents by drag & drop.


Regions: North America, Global, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia - Pacific


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