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CIDEON Conversion Engine

Automatic creation of neutral formats
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Company-wide access to centrally managed documents, drawings, 3D views and CAD models during and after the design phase is essential for the smooth running of product development processes. Much of this data is created in specific authoring systems and not easily accessible to colleagues from other specialist areas, to business partners or customers. These groups therefore require universally readable file formats.


Such neutral, exchange, web or interactive 3D formats accompany a product throughout its entire life cycle providing cross-company access to important PLM data as well as disseminating information via output systems. Neutral formats also ensure good quality documentation, e.g. by preventing modifications to already approved documents. Such formats can also be used to establish long-term digital archives for statutory retention periods that can span several decades. Furthermore, future portrayal problems due to incompatibilities to original applications or environments, e.g. the absence of fonts, are avoided.


The CIDEON Conversion Engine for SAP enables fully automated generation of neutral and exchange formats. Considerable savings in time and license costs are also gained from cross-company access to important data – without needing to use original applications. From whatever data source or format the data originates, product information is processed by the CIDEON Conversion Engine in an event-driven and rule-based approach. The data can be merged as required and transferred in formats such as PDF, JT or DXF.

Value Drivers

  • Higher Quality - enhanced with extra data.
  • Easy to Use - complex conversion with integration of customised solutions.Security - scalable, fall-safe framework & monitoring.
  • Investment Protection- SAP-certified Software.
  • Flexibility - Intuitive configuration and evaluation options.
  • Cost Savings - Company-wide uniform information without original application.


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Product Development, Manufacturing

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Industrial Machinery and Components, CROSS/ALL Industries, Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturing

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