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SAC Retail Package

Increase lead acquisition, customer value and loyalty with the SAP Analytics Cloud Retail Package Customer​.
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Nowadays, customers need unsurpassed products, excellent services and personalized advertisements or offerings. Without a detailed view on customer behavior and appropriate customer segmentation, it is simply not possible to meet these requirements. ​


  • If you know where your customer is located, in which channels they interact, and  what products they are interested at, you can specifically target them with relevant offerings. Using data and analytics optimizes smart and fast decision making to grow business strategy.​
  • But there is a data challenge! As there are a lot of data you gather via different  channels.  Data any time , from anywhere, via many different apps.​


  • The SAC Retail Package Customer of Ctac includes three building blocks: Customer Journey, Customer Engagement and Customer Satisfaction. ​

  • These modules contain predefined models and storylines based on retail industry knowledge. It provides retailers the possibility to gain a 360 degree view from their customers. This insight optimizes the customer journey, increases engagement and improves satisfaction. The next step? Manage and even predict customer behavior.  ​

Value Drivers

  • A user-friendly solution: fun to work with. ​

  • Fixed price, scope and time.​​

  • Based on 25 years of experience with IT solutions and retail industry knowledge. ​

  • Clear overview pages and useful filters on detail pages.​​

  • Possibility to customize the platform as desired within predefined retail storylines. ​​

  • An answer in two clicks to all possible business questions about your customer.​​

  • The opportunity to make a fan out of each customer.​


Regions: North America, Global, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Middle East and North Africa, Asia - Pacific


Sales, Marketing, Service

Lines Of Business

Management, Marketing


Wholesale, Retail, E-Commerce

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